About   jofo'geo  
An eclectic mix of acoustic rock, pop, folk and country, fused with nostalgic recollections and contemporary commentary reflecting the world we live in today, describes the music of the Christopoulos Brothers to near perfection. Joe and George, first performed
together as a duo nearly five decades ago, and along with their Producer Ford Colley, all three performed together live on stage more than 40 years ago. George and Ford were later part of the Chicago based Folk-Rock group Pieces of Eight who recorded one the of first Christopoulos Brothers originals "Run & Hide" shortly before that group broke up in 1970. The Christopoulos Brothers continued their musical careers together composing more than 100 songs over the course of the next 40 years.

George Christopoulos

Ford Colley

During the mid 70's their five member group 'Christopoulos' toured the Rock and College circuit as well as appeared in clubs and at events throughout the country. During this same time, Ford pursued a successful career in broadcasting as a radio personality for ABC, CBS, Westinghouse and Bonneville in Chicago.

Although they were aware of each others careers during this time, there was not much interaction between Ford and the brothers as they lived in different parts of the country. A mutual friend brought them back together in late 2007. It was then they decided to re-band and collaborate on their first CD together.

The result, after nearly five years in the making, is their new CD "jofo'geo" which was released in June of this year. As a team, they were able to expand their musical horizons, with each taking a different role in the project. This brought about a significant change to the brother's usual dual guitar performances of their original material. Although the songs are credited as co-written by all three, Joe is the song writer of the group, while George is the primary vocalist and musical arranger.

Joe Christopoulos
Ford assumes the role of producer, consultant and referee during the creative process and recording sessions, challenging the brothers to explore and expand their musical boundaries. Together, all three performed all of the musical material on the CD along with a few guest artists on some of the tracks. By the way, if you haven't already figured it out, the name of the CD, jofo'geo represents the collarorative effort of this trio in creating this ecelectic portfollio of Christopoulos Brothers originals for the 21st century.